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The monastery Kom with the church of Sveto Uspenje Bogorodice (St. Falling into sleep of Holy Mother of God) is located in north west part of Skadar Lake, close to Zabljak Crnojevica (the capital of the dynasty Crnojevic in XV century), on the edge of Odrinska gora (Odrinska hill) which in the period of heavy rains turns into an island, while during the period of drought one can reach the monastery over the paths through the swamp.
The monastery Kom is relatively unapproachable monastery. It is located as we have said on the hill and is surrounded by protective wall with two gates. It has a stone tower and a belfry.

The monastery is the legacy of Duradj and Ljes Crnojevic and was built around 1427. In this monastery Petar II Petrovic Njegos, the greatest Montenegrin ruler and poet, became a priest.

We can divide the monastery complex into the church with the porch, which is inserted in the east, and which is separated from the rest of the monastery.
The second part make the sleeping quarters which have been raised in the west side of the island and those guest sleeping quarters lie onto the free side of the kitchen.

You can reach this monastery easiest from Podgorica over the highway Podgorica – Petyrovac. You go through the village Golubovci, then you go over the river Moraca, through the village Ponari in Zeta and then you follow the asphalt road for about 20 km to Zabljak Crnojevica. If the water is too deep you can come to village Vranjina also on Skadar Lake, also from Podgorica towards Petrovac from where you can reach this monastery with some of the barges, which you can rent on Vranjina.

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