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The settlement Karuč was formed on the same hill on the shore of Lake Skadar. It came as a fishing season habitat for storage and preservation of fishing equipment. It was not until the mid-19th century that it became permanently inhabited.

It is 20km away from Podgorica, going the old road to Cetinje. The oldest building in the settlement is the Tower of Saint Petar, built on the highest elevation of the conical hill. It is better known as a winter cottage of prince-bishop Petar I Petrović, who built it in the first or second decade of the 19th century. The settling then started spreading and houses were built on lower elevations reaching even the water of the lake.

There is a loop-hole on the façade of the tower, confirming the defending character it used to have, besides the residential. After Petar I died, there was a school in the tower around  1871.Karuč is a typical fishing settlement whose inhabitants only dealt with fishing, using the lake wells of fresh water rich with fish, such as Karuč and Volačka jama.

Because of the insufficiency of space for building, densely built houses can be found, optimally adapted to the ground configuration. All this gave this settling a terraced look. Most of the preserved original houses and housings still have distinctive qualities of traditional architecture.

The spectacular village of Dodosi is also a place worth visiting and it is right on the road to Rijeka Crnojevic and Karuc.  It is characteristic by its houses that lean on each other.  It is the village the famous Montenegro director Zivko Nikolic filmed scene of his movie “Unseen Wonder” (“Cudo nevidjeno”). Continuing from here by boat the village Prevlaka is splendid to visit, but if a boat is not available to you traveling to the village of Rvas is a viable alternative.

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