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The monastery Starceva Gorica is located on the island Starceva Gorica beside the west coast of beautiful and very rich Skadar Lake. This monastery according to written documents is the oldest monastery complex on the islands of Skadar lake. The church, that is the monastery entity is mentioned in 1378.
Foundation of the monastery is related to old men Makarije, respectable clergymen who lived on the island as a hermit, and by whom the island got the name. the monastery belonged to Balsic dynasty. It is assumed that in 1540 there were monks on the island, since in that year by his wish famous printer Bozidar Vukovic – Podgoricanin and his wife were buried in front of the church.

The monastery in the Middle century became one of the greatest scrivener centers, and later the island became a Turkish property. The monastery had a scriptorium from which two manuscripts have been preserved. Gospel, which is kept in the library Markijani in Venice, is a very important document from that period.

Complex of the monastery is made of a church dedicated to Uspenje Bogorodice (Falling into sleep of Holy Mother of God), of sleeping quarters, aid facilities and a great fence wall with a monumental gate from which the road leads you towards the small cove in the south east part of the island. The walls around the monastery are less preserved here than on the monastery Kom, but in difference to Beska, they were still some kind of a fortification.

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