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From 5 AM – 6 AM12 PersonsApril till October Taking a Lake Skadar bird watching tour is the ultimate way to get up close and personal with the lake’s extremely…

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Virpazar- Poseljani

4h12 PersonsVirpazar – Rijeka Crnojevica Fort Lesendro was erected in the XVIII century and still recalls the confrontation between Montenegro and Turkey. In the past, before the construction of a…

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Virpazar – Rijeka Crnojevica

4h-5h12 PersonsApril till October Rijeka Crnojevica one beautiful small historical place, in Central part of Montenegro. In ancient time was an important trading route through Montenegro. Rijeka Crnojevica is located…

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Virpazar – Karuc

6h-7h12 PersonsAprill till October The settlement Karuč was formed on the same hill on the shore of Lake Skadar. It came as a fishing season habitat for storage and preservation…

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